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How do you know which Early Learning Centre is the right centre for you? How do you choose a place that feels right, has beautiful teachers you connect with, and provides an environment that supports your child to their full potential?

Early learning centres use philosophy to share the values and beliefs that frame their programmes. The philosophy  is like the beating heart and soul of the curriculum. It underpins everything – the way teachers interact with children, the community around the centre, the environment that your child will be learning in and, perhaps most importantly, the philosophy influences the feel (wairua) of a centre when you and your child walk through the door each morning.

At KidsCo, the heart of our philosophy is based on five virtues which weave into one other like a whāriki:






Respect is shown by taking care of ourselves, others, and the environment. Honest and open communication supports the notion that we are accepting of each other, aware of each other’s needs and are valued.

Kindness is about showing our appreciation through gestures which are comforting, polite, calm, and gentle. We give our time to each other through actions and words.

Trust is built in an environment where children feel safe, secure, and comfortable. They can rely on others and have faith. Bonds are developed and children develop a sense of belonging.

Love is genuine and unconditional. We show love through acts of kindness, affection, support, and warmth. Love is given in everything we do.

Empowerment is gained when we show value to both efforts and achievements, thus increasing mana. We show a positive attitude and encouragement while children take risks, make decisions, and take ownership. We treat others as confident, competent, and capable learners.

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What Our Families are Saying

Thank you so much ! This was a massive change for us, having him by my side for three years and then heading to KidsCo . We are so stoked with our choice of daycare - it is awesome to see his confidence/comfort levels grow.  Sophie

Thank you so, so much for all your help and everything you have done for Jaxon and I. He has grown into the most incredible little boy and I cannot thank you enough for the role you have played in our lives. We will miss you all so much!!  Hannah

Our little one loves her time at KidsCo. Her teachers are so caring, funny and friendly. She has formed such lovely relationships with her teachers and often talks about them during the weekend!